The Program

The inaugural D2CX cohort was a remarkable success, bringing together 48 dynamic D2C founders from across India, all united in their mission to master the playbook for winning over Indian consumers.

D2CX by Inc42 is a 12-week immersive program designed to elevate your D2C business. Learn from India's top 1% D2C founders and experts, gaining actionable insights and strategies to scale your revenue to INR 10Cr.

Through a robust curriculum and mentorship from 20+ industry leaders, you'll cover the horizon of topics including business model creation, brand building, growth strategies, omnichannel integration, supply chain optimization, team development, and fundraising.

By the end of the program, you'll have a clear business model, a tailored growth plan, and an expanded professional network. Join us for an unparalleled learning experience that will transform your D2C business and set you on a path to 10X growth.

Past Mentors & Speakers


Arjun Vaidya

Founding Partner

Dr. Vaidya's


Trisha Vaidya

Founding Partner

Dr. Vaidya's

Guest Speaker

Tarun Sharma

CEO & Cofounder


Guest Speaker

Swati Bhargava



Guest Speaker

Pallavi Utagi

Founder & CEO


Guest Speaker

Ayushi Gudwani

Founder & CEO

FS Life

Guest Speaker

Malika Datt Sadani

Founder & CEO

The​ ​Moms​ ​Co.

Guest Speaker

Mohit Sadaani

Cofounder & CEO

The​ ​Moms​ ​Co.

How Is The 12 Week

Each week of D2CX is structured and crafted to help you build a profitable D2C brand in 2024. Master the art of 10x growth in 12 weeks.

Live & Hybrid

Cohort 2 Starts on 8th August 2024

60+ Hours

of Live Sessions


In-Depth Session


D2C Founders & Experts


Weeks Live & In-Person Program

Week 1

In-Person Orientation & Kick-Off

Join us at the in-person orientation dinner in Mumbai, meet your instructors and network with your fellow peers

Week 2-11



Product Is King



The Art of Branding and Storytelling



Delivering A World Class Product & Customer Experience



D2C Marketing — Content, Brand Awareness, Social Media & Influencers



D2C Marketing — Acquisition, Performance Marketing, Conversion



Building A Loyal Customer Base (Retention, CRM & Support)



Nailing Operations, Supply Chain, Delivery



Omnichannel Growth — Tapping Into Online Marketplaces



Omnichannel Growth — The Offline Play



Customer Experience & Building Your 0 To 1 Team



Budgeting, Financing & Growth Modelling

Week 12

In-Person Convocation

Showcase your D2C brand to mentors and leaders in-person, and establish valuable connections with the who's who at the in-person convocation

10X D2C Growth
In 12 Weeks

Live & Hybrid

Cohort 2 Starts On 8th August 2024



D2CX by Inc42 is a 12-week hands-on program to help you level up your D2C game. Learn from India's top 1% D2C founders and experts through actionable insights, proven strategies and tactics on how to scale your D2C brand’s revenue from INR 1Cr to 10Cr.

The 12 week D2CX program will start with an in-person orientation weekend and then will continue virtually for the next 10 weeks followed by 3 days in-person final week. The in-person component will comprise the Orientation with Peers and Instructors, followed by 12 weeks of enriching online and offline learning. Conclude with a grand convocation and a D2C mixer for extensive networking.

Currently the 1st Cohort is going on. You can apply for the 2nd cohort of D2CX by applying on this page. Our team will review your application and set up a 45-minute interview call with you. After the interview call, we’ll let you know on the final decision of your acceptance into the program.

Networking sessions will be hosted virtually periodically and during the in-person weekend in Delhi-NCR. You can always connect with your fellow peers via our D2CX community platform and Whatsapp group as well.

Our curated cohort will be divided into teams of up to 6 fellows each grouped by common sectors and complementary skills.

The cohort will be carefully curated to ensure diverse representation from industries, skill sets with one common passion – Master 10X D2C Growth In 12 Weeks. The fellows will tend to be Startup founders.

We expect every fellow to spend up to 6 hours every weekend attending sessions and another 3-4 hours across the week working on their group assignments.

The full curriculum will be available for download soon

We’re constantly updating the website to showcase more details so this is the best place to keep yourself up to date. We will also be sending you regular updates over email if you’ve signed up for our list.

Each session of the program is mandatory to attend. However, you will always have on-demand access to the recorded sessions for you to watch anytime.

Yes, you will be able to directly ask questions from the mentors in the Q&A part of every session.

We will be happy solving the doubts ourselves or connect you with an expert or the mentor who was leading the class.

We would not want your journey to remain incomplete and your class would hate to miss pitching with you and meeting you. We request you to plan in advance or talk to us about any challenges you may face.

We will form an exclusive group over Whatsapp and you will enjoy lifelong access to it.

We shall facilitate the Q&A and mentorship sessions during the cohort. During and post the cohort, we encourage you to build direct relations with the speakers and mentors, most of which would be more than happy to guide aspiring founders.

Yes, during some of the sessions led by investors as well as in the in-person weekends.

Yes, definitely. If your team has the conviction on your business plan, you can pursue fundraising from the investors you meet at the D2CX Brand Showcase.

Application & Enrollment

Yes, to apply to D2CX you’ll need to pay ₹999 as the application fee which is fully refundable if you’re not selected for the program. In case, you’re offered a seat but you choose to not move ahead with it, the application fee will not be refunded.

Yes, you will have the flexibility to manage your own travel and stay. We shall be sharing recommended locations and travel details mid-way through the program.

If your application is rejected, we will issue a complete refund within 7-10 days.

Sorry, there’s no special discount for Inc42 Plus members at the moment.

Since this is a highly-curated cohort, we are looking for people who are founders of a D2C Brand and wish to grow their brand. Besides this the D2CX team will review each application via the form and interview call to approve them.

Unfortunately, the seat is not transferable. We encourage you to continue your journey. However, if you have unavoidable situations, write to us at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> and we’ll try our best to find a solution.

You can write to us any time at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> for anything related to D2CX.

Transferring Admission to the Next Cohort: <ul><li>Before the Cohort Starts: You can defer your admission to the next cohort without any additional fees, provided the request is submitted before the current cohort begins. </li><li>After the Cohort Starts: Deferring admission after the program starts incurs a transfer fee of INR 50,000 or 50% of the total fee of the next cohort, whichever is higher.</li></ul>

Transferring Admission to a Different Inc42 Program: Eligibility: <ul><li>You must meet the eligibility criteria for the program you wish to transfer to.</li> <li>Fee Adjustments:<ul> <li>If the new program has a higher fee, you will need to pay the difference to complete your enrollment.</li><li> If the new program has a lower fee, you will receive a refund for the difference.</li></li></ul>